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A Quilt Whispers  Autumn sunshine dapples the floorboards of an old clapboard home once filled with family. Heaped in a darkened corner, discarded and tattered with age, my grandmother’s quilt awaits a second beginning. Made of her life and love, softened from generations of use, the faded, weathered fabric holds memories inside the seams. Strong, stoic stitches from her hand now pull apart, fragile from passing time. Ready to lend warmth, the quilt surrounded my father, her firstborn, gave comfort to other children absorbed their innocent tears provided lullabies and loving wisdom never disappointed, never let down, always faithful, forever near. In the shadows of a golden afternoon, while I drink tea precisely at three, colored leaves fall from the oak tree outside, while a whispering wind weaves the story of simpler times and quieter days like quilting stitches within the branches.

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Evening Tour

Walking under the magical light of a lavender dusk; the crushed shell road crunches under my weary feet. I am alone, with thoughts that blow and swirl around to the incessant voice of high tide, as if placing one step ahead of the other gives the trusted answer. Scoured by raw salty winds, aged by the sharp sun, a splintered […]

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Journey On: A Year Later

Journey On: Beauty and Grit Along the Way is now officially one year in publication. A year ago today was my first book signing at The Gift Hut in Cold Spring, NY. I am forever grateful to an old and dear friend who pushed and pushed me into getting Journey On published in time. Over 500 copies have been sold to readers all across the country and in the UK. Tomorrow I meet with Rosie Eylens to pick out another one of her beautiful pieces of art work for the new book cover! A second volume of poetry to be published in 2014 in the Journey On Series: Journey On: Life in Small Pieces. What a fabulous year it has been with book events, book talks and book sales. So many lessons and experiences woven into a tapestry of unforgettable moments in the year of my first book. Thank you all who have taken Journey On under your wing for your nightstand, morning coffee, book shelf, quiet times on the couch and as gifts for friends and loved ones. Journey On, Yes!

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Beach Harvest

A warm morning on the beach; the sunrise bellows tangerine and lavender where sea and sky become one. I walk in sand-silenced footsteps along the shoreline with a gathering bucket in hand, listening to breakers crash and the cry of gulls. Above pelicans swoop and soar above the salt spray, waves uncover a beach harvest tumbling over and over in the bubbly foam. I retrieve sparkles of sea glass and shell battered against a piece of gray, gnarled driftwood. Crumbled sand dollars mingle with yellow cockles and pearl oysters swept in from the overnight tides. I bend to scrutinize as if I were the looking glass picking up what rolled in as I slept. I arise to search the face of a fisherman out early casting his line into the surf needing a fortune for another day. He says, “I need a fortune for another day; the sea is my livelihood.” I say, “For me, she is a long lost friend to whom I return.”

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