A Quilt Whispers  Autumn sunshine dapples the floorboards of an old clapboard home once filled with family. Heaped in a darkened corner, discarded and tattered with age, my grandmother’s quilt awaits a second beginning. Made of her life and love, softened from generations of use, the faded, weathered fabric holds memories inside the seams. Strong, … Continue reading

SunSpot with Meg Mims – Featuring Nancy Godbout Jurka

Please click on the link below to read a feature about my poetry and writing life as a poet. My heartfelt thanks to fellow Women Writing the West member Meg Mims for her wonderful article on her SunSpot blog!   SunSpot with Meg Mims – Featuring Nancy Godbout Jurka Read more http://www.megmims.com/2013/04/28/sunspot-with-meg-mims-featuring-nancy-godbout-jurka/